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These Free Ad On Modules are available by default on all hosting plans On All Hosted Ecommerce Stores

1. Advance Security: GnuPG encrypts information using asymmetric key pairs individually generated by GnuPG users. Each pair consists of a private key and a public key. Information encrypted using the private key can be decrypted by using the public key and vice versa. Once the add-on is installed, properly configured and encryption is enabled neither unauthorized database access nor intercepted email messages with sensitive data would cause any security problems. To access the encrypted data from the admin menu a private key password is required.

2. Advanced Search Module: This add-on module introduces advanced product search capabilities to the customer front end of your online store. With this module installed and activated, the store customers can ( Download Module Documentation ):

  • search through product titles, descriptions, meta tags, extra fields and product options,
  • apply additional filters to their search queries in order to refine their searches,
  • save search filters and settings for future use and reset search filters.
  • administrator can customize advanced search options by defining price and weight range groups.

3. Wish List Module: offers two features designed to improve customer experience at your store and attract new customers: it allows your existing customers to build and maintain wish lists of products for future purchase by themselves or others and to recommend select products to their friends and relatives via e-mail. ( Download Module Documentation )

4. Product Advisor Module module introduces multiple cross-selling opportunities to your online store, including the means to dynamically relate products to one another based on customers' selection of products and to notify customers of new arrivals, select items availability and price changes. Cross-selling is one of the easiest and least intrusive marketing techniques designed to widen the customer's reliance on the company and decrease the likelihood of the customer switching to a competitor. Using customer notification mechanism is an ideal way to remind your customers of products and services your business offers without being annoying or pointless – you know what your customers are interested in and offer them just that. It reveals your customers' preferences and needs, and helps you plan your sales accordingly. ( Download Module Documentation )

5. Featured Products It's a good sales practice to draw customers' attention to some particular products by putting them on the front counter for promotional purposes. Featured Products module is designed to allow the same in your online store. You can define featured products for the front page of your store and for each of the product categories. Customers can order featured products in no time by clicking the 'Buy now' button. ( Download Module Documentation )

6. Product Options Module introduces complete support for product options to your online store catalog. This module provides you with the following advanced capabilities:

  • you can define option classes to reflect all existing varieties of one product - no more need to make multiple copies (clones) of existing products for each and every product size and color available at your store.
  • having a choice of product options rather than a list of similar products is also more convenient and intuitive to your customers, which leads to a higher satisfaction with your store.
  • different product options can be set up to vary in price and weight.
  • product option classes can be defined individually for a particular product or jointly for a category or a group of categories.
  • product options import/export capability allows you to use CVS file format for bulk product options updates.
    Product Options module supplements the functionality of the Inventory Tracking, Wholesale Trading, Wish List and Product Adviser modules. ( Download Module Documentation )

7. Detailed Images provides the possibility to display multiple product illustrations in the store catalog. This feature is especially valuable if your store offers sophisticated products or works of art with many fine details which are impossible to adequately represent with a single product image. ( Download Module Documentation )

8 Wholesale Trading Module This module helps you to attract retailers by offering them products at lower prices and a convenient interface for placing bulk orders, and encourage wholesale customers to buy more products from your store so making your store B2B and B2C store. Also introduces multiple enhanced wholesale trading capabilities to your online store. With this module you will be able to:

  • define wholesale prices on your stock products,
  • specify global discounts for all products in your store,
  • define product access levels for different customer groups,
  • limit purchase quantities of individual products,
  • create and print out price lists of product categories or the entire store.

Product Options module which is also available on your store by default greatly enhances the functionality of the Wholesale Trading module ( Download Module Documentation )

9 Best Sellers Module automatically generates the list of your online store's best selling products and displays it in the Customer Zone. When your store visitors browse the online catalog, they can see which products are the most popular among your customers. Inside each particular category of the catalog only products pertinent to that category appear in the 'Bestsellers' list. The appearance of the list can be configured in a number of ways. ( Download Module Documentation )

9 Showcase Organizer This module allows you to organize the look and feel of your store. For example, you can switch from List display to Table display or icon display and also control the number of columns in icon mode.

10. Newsletter Module provides your store with a fully-featured newsletter mechanism. The module is intended for posting news announcements at the customer front-end of your online store and distributing those announcements to interested users via e-mail. This module spares your customers the necessity to visit your store every day awaiting for a new product to be announced or for a special sale to come. A visitor who wants to receive updates on your store's offers and deals does not necessarily have to be a registered customer, all he needs to do is to specify an e-mail address to which he would like to receive the announcements. Users who want to cancel the subscription can do so by visiting the URL provided to them at the time of subscription.( Download Module Documentation )

11 HTML Catalog Module helps you make your site more search engine-friendly by generating HTML versions of the Customer Zone pages. Modern search engines give lower priority to script built pages than to plain HTML pages, HTML catalog will help you to avoid this disadvantage. Customer will browse your HTML catalog, but when he decides to add a product to cart, do search etc. he will be automatically redirected to script version of the cart. ( Download Module Documentation )

12. Multi Categories Module enables you to place one product into multiple categories without cloning the product; this is particularly useful if some of your products fit under several categories, or in case you want to group your products by several different criteria (for example by product type, manufacturer, size, etc). When you add new products or modify the existing ones, Multi Categories add-on module allows you to assign a product to several related categories.

13 Promotional Tools Module helps you to promote your business, feature your store, its sections and individual products. The module adds three major features to your online store, namely:

  • special offers,
  • bonus points which can be used by customers to pay for invoice.
  • discount coupons.

( Download Module Documentation )

14 Froogle Export Module generates specially formatted data feed to enable you to list your products in Froogle. It can be generated and uploaded to Froogle in one step using the Export Catalog functionality.  ( Download Module Documentation )

15. Account Package Module allows you to export orders information into the following accounting software formats ( Download Module Documentation ):

  • QuickBooks 2003
  • MYOB Accounting 2005 (Version 14)
  • Peachtree Complete Accounting 2004

16. Shipping & Taxation By default even with no Real Time Shipping Quotes module installed and active, you have the flexibility of configuring complex shipping and taxation rules on your store from admin section.( Managing Shipping Section Document  ::   Managing Taxation Section Document )

With Optional Add On Module "Real Time Shipping Quotes" one can offer  real time shipping quotes on storefront to customers once authenticated. This is available on one time additional charges. Please consult Optional Add On Modules section of this site.

17 Payment Gateways - PaypalPro Module introduces support for several PayPal website payment solutions, namely PayPal Standard Solution, PayPal Pro Solution and PayPal Express Checkout. With these solutions PayPal enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. ( Download PaypalPro Documentation )

There are few other Payment Gateway Modules available as optional add on and they are listed in Optional Add On Modules section of this site.

18. Multi Currency Module introduces support for multiple currencies presentation at the Customer front-end. The module contains the following useful features:

  • possibility to change the default currency of your online store,
  • possibility to define unlimited amount of additional currencies,
  • ability to automatically display prices in local currencies of your customers.

    Please Note: All price calculations are done in your store's primary currency. The prices displayed in any of the additional currencies are solely for informational purposes. The accuracy of the calculations depends on the exchange rates which you set in the Multi Currency module settings and the total may differ from the exact calculated result, especially for large amounts of products.            ( Download Module Documentation )

Optional Add On Modules
These modules enhance the feature and also management component of your store. These are all  available on a one time additional fee and can be ordered right in the beginning or at any stage when you feel your store needs them. Certain add on modules require template changes also so if ordered once the store has gone live, then small additional charges would apply for doing the template changes as a result of the modules where it is required.