Admin Home

Admin Home after login as Admin

Add User

Add User From Store Admin

Add Gift Certificate

Add Gift Certificate From Store Admin

Edit Gift Certificate Card

Edit Gift Certificate E-Card From Store Admin. Can Add New Ecards also

Categories Management

Categories Management Home

Categories Management

Categories Management Interface For Addin New Category

Notifications Management

Customer Notification Data

Countries Management

Managing Countries Data

Country State Management

Managing Countries And States Data For Automatic Population of form fields for country state selection

Currency Management

Managing Currencies and echange rate for multi currency display option

Backup -Restore

Creating Database Backup and Restoring Database from backup

Discount Coupons

Create And Manage Discount Coupons

General Settings

Configure Your Store's General Settings from here (including from the tabs on top)

HTML Catalog Home

Generate and Manage your HTML Catalog for SEO friendly Pages


Manage your membership types which can be used for other sections of store like different pricing for different member class.

Add On Modules

Add On Modules Home page for managing various modules available on your store.

Product Adviser Add On Modules

Configuration screen for Product Adviser add on module.


Configuration screen for Newsletter Management.

Paypal Payment Gateway

Paypal Payment Gateway configuration. All three methods available to chose from

Add Product

Adding New Product to your store

Edit Product

Edit Any Product that is already added to your store. All data is editable and changes are immediately displayed on customer zone

Product Options - Global

Manage Global Product Options From This Section. Facilitates great flexibility to product details page.

Shipping Interfacel

Configure your shipping rules from here.

Special Offers Interface

Configure and manage your special offers from this section

Statistics Review

Review your store statistics fro here. This is without the optional ecommerce reports add on module.

Taxation Policy

Setup your taxation rules from here so that authenticated customers see taxes added to invoice.

Hosted Ecommerce Features

Standard Features   ::   Free Add On Modules   ::   Optional Add On Modules
Enterprise Class Service

1. Setup and Management
  • No coding/programming experience required – we will undertake any Custom Module development at additional costs
  • Auto Deployed Installation – All installation and setup is done by us
  • Quick-start wizard
  • Complete store-builder package – PHP/MySQL Based on LSWS (not Apache) Web server. LSWS is 3 times faster in SSL than Apache
  • Easy-to-use web interface – High End web based admin module which offers everything needed to manage a high end store
  • Bulk uploading of products and pictures – CSV Based import
  • Out-of-the-box storefront system
  • Customizable localization: configurable weight/dimension measurement units, currency, configurable list of states/provinces
2. Design and Layout
  • 100% template-based storefront. Fully customizable design & layout – Custom design integration by us under the Turnkey Assignment offer. Build-in template editor: preview, edit and restore templates, built in css editor, built in image editor. Support for WYSIWYG web editors.
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Support for thumbnails. Includes Category thumbnail images support.
  • Product detailed images
  • Storing images in DB or on the file system – File system recommended for performance
  • "mini-cart" viewable at all pages of store.
  • Integrated store search – Includes Advanced Search Module also.

3. Customer Care

  • All orders are stored in MySQL database. Customers can search & browse personal order history.
  • Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout
  • The possibility to disable checkout without registering. Password reminder for customers
  • Customizable e-mail notifications/invoice

4. Product Catalog & Details

  • Number of Products that can be added depends on the Plan chosen/active.
  • Unlimited number of categories and subcategories. Unlimited category nesting
  • Members-only categories (Configure what is visible to which category of customers)
  • 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
  • Product Search (Both on front end and also on Admin end)
  • Unlimited custom input fields for products
  • Add custom information field for products
  • HTML-enriched product descriptions
  • Unlimited number of product detailed images. Enhance product detailed images with Optional Add On Module -- Flash Image Magnifier.
  • Multi-homed products (list a product in unlimited number of categories)

5. Merchandising and Inventory

  • On-screen mini-cart with brief cart info
  • "Out of Stock" Messages (Needs Optional Add On -- Inventory Tracking Module)
  • Limit minimal order amount and  maximal order amount .
  • Featured products showcase (in center column or side box) with provision of filtering by Category automatically.

6.  Repeat Customer Accommodation

  • All customer's data is stored in database. Registered customers do not have to enter their data again
  • Registered customers can edit their profile
  • Registered customers can access history of their orders.
  • Greet returning customers by their name when they return back to your site
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Optional Add On Modules
These modules enhance the feature and also management component of your store. These are all  available on a one time additional fee and can be ordered right in the beginning or at any stage when you feel your store needs them. Certain add on modules require template changes also so if ordered once the store has gone live, then small additional charges would apply for doing the template changes as a result of the modules where it is required.