Hosted Ecommerce Features

Standard Features   ::   Free Add On Modules   ::   Optional Add On Modules
Enterprise Class Service

6. Web-based control panel
  • Password-protected administrative access. All changes are real-time and immediately reflected.
  • Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser. Unlimited number of admin accounts

7. Security

  • Full HTTPS/SSL support. Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access (Needs SSL Certificate)
  • Password-protected administrative administrative access
  • Real-time security notifications of all failed login attempts
  • List of recently logged admins
  • Backup sub-system
  • Captcha protected forms

8.  Search Engine Friendly

  • Pages can be indexed by all major search engines. Generate static HTML catalog specially for search engines
  • Configurable context dependent meta tags.
  • Generate specially formatted data feed, so you can easily list your products in Froogle

9.  Sales Analysis & Tracking

  • Searchable order data
  • Orders summary and top sellers statistics. Order data is easy to print
  • Export sales & customer data for use in a spreadsheet. Export orders to MS Excel XP format.
  • Product search statistics.
  • Possibility to review order history of a particular user

With Ecommerce Reports Optional Add On Module, the above can further be more ehaustive.

10. Payment Gateways & Options

  • Accept payments in any currency
  • Real-time credit card processing: -- PayPal Standard & Pro
  • Other payment options including Manual (offline) credit card processing, Checks, purchase orders and phone orders. Phone orders needs Advanced Order Management Add On Module which is available at costs as noted in Section on Optional Add On Modules and they are not a part of Standard Feature sets.
  • Other Payment Gateway Integration available on one time additional fee.

11 Shipping and Tax

  • Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods.
  • Flat rate, weight, order total and range based shipping.
  • Different weight limits for different delivery methods.
  • Handle international, domestic and local shipping.
  • Allow your customers to choose delivery methods.
  • Customizable tax calculation. Import/export predefined tax schemas.
  • Product-specific taxes.
  • Taxes & shipping fees depending on client's location
  •  "Tax exempt" feature
  • GST/PST (Canadian tax system), VAT (European tax system)
  •  'Free' shipping method Additional shipping and handling charges for both standard and real-time shipping method

    With Optional Add On Module "Real Time Shipping Quotes" one can offer  real time shipping quotes on storefront to customers once authenticated. This is available on one time additional charges. Please refer Optional Add On Modules section.
Optional Add On Modules
These modules enhance the feature and also management component of your store. These are all  available on a one time additional fee and can be ordered right in the beginning or at any stage when you feel your store needs them. Certain add on modules require template changes also so if ordered once the store has gone live, then small additional charges would apply for doing the template changes as a result of the modules where it is required.