Standard Support: This is offered over tickets and is for generic queries related to functioning of the various modules and this presumes that the set of documents available for each component of the software is first referred to and queries are based on anything which is not clear in the extensive documentation. This excludes queries regarding how to integrate custom design as templating is a very specialized work and each site can have queries which could just be very specific to site design. So questions related to template integration is not attended to in support.

Standard support attends to general configuration queries, setting up products

: Free

Premium Monthly Support This again excludes all design integration related queries. This is a Paid support available on month to month basis so can be subscribed to during any time if the addressed issue needs higher priority. Under this support plan queries posted are allocated higher priority than under Standard Support plan. Two users may post sae query one under Standard Support and the other under Premium support. The user under Premium Support gets higher priority. General response time for queries under this support plan is 6 hours maximum.

Charges: US $99.95/Month on month to month basis. No Long term commitment.  Order Now

Comprehensive Support Plan: This is available under annual contract only. This involves dedicating a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to your site who is always there to attend to any issues that you may want to be done (excluding any module development or coding as that comes under Custom Modules development). This plan is designed on case to case basis after detailed discussion with clients requiring this level of support. So if you need a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) assigned to you please Contact Us  mentioning that TAM needs to be allocated to you. We shall contact you back with quotes for such a support plan. Please note that since this needs manpower planning and allocation, this is only available under annual prepay contract and there's no provision of any shorter billing period for this.

We have prepared extensive set of documents for almost each and every section in admin of your ecommerce store so as to facilitate faster understanding of the entire admin section from where you would manage your entire store. These documents are always available for download and reference. These documents are also updated if there are any changes on the functionality of the section that the document is on. Complete list of Help documents are available below. All documents are in PDF format and would need PDF reader installed on your desktop. For downloading any document please right click and save document on your desktop. The open in PDF reader. The file size is also noted against each document.

  Document Title (Alphabetically Arranged) File Size
1 Accounting Package Module 144KB
2 Advanced Order Management Module  
3 Advanced Search Module 158KB
4 Affiliate System Module 241KB
5 AuthorizeNet Payment Integration Module  
6 Bestsellers Module 134KB
7 Defining Membership Levels 107KB
8 Detailed Images Module 246KB
9 Ecommerce Reports Module  
10 Egoods Module  
11 Featured Products Module 147KB
12 Froogle Export Module 130KB
13 Gift Certificates Module 263KB
14 HTML Catalog Module   99KB
15 Inventory Tracking Module 155KB
16 Managing Geographical Settings 186KB
17 Managing Shipping Settings 253KB
18 Managing Taxes 230KB
19 Managing Your Store 547KB
20 Multi Currency Module 273KB
21 PaypalPro Module 166KB
22 Product Adviser Module 382KB
23 Product Options Module 613KB
24 Promotion Module 480KB
25 Real Time Shipping Quotes Module 529KB
26 Wholesale Trading Module 323KB
27 Wishlist Module 281KB