turnkey Assignment

US $1415.00 Only  (Excluding Hosting Plan Costs)
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Includes Custom Design Integration, Store configuration as per scope noted below. No Other Hidden Charges. Hosting charges would be as per Hosting plan opted for.

If you want every bit of the store done by us till you take your store online then this is the most affordable package that is available anywhere from any professional company. You do not need to spend anytime on anything related to store deployment except sending us data in word format and images in jpg format.


Our scope of work includes following

  • Store Installation: We do the installation of the store with sample data.
  • Design selection: We send you a URL to chose any design fro there which suits you taste and give us the template number. We will then integrate the design to store, do changes to template to make it suitable for 1024 resolution minimum and also modify sections of design which need changes to be compatible with the store software.
  • Setting Up Categories and Products: We create the Category/Subcategory structure complete with thumbnail icon, Category title, keywords, meta description, description that goes on the category page. Once Category /Subcategory structure is completed we setup 25 products distributed across the category/subcategory tree complete with thumbnail, product image, detailed images of product, pricing, weight, wholesale pricing, setting up product options as required.
  • Configuring Advance Search: If search filtering based on price range and weight range is desired we do that also.
  • Setting Up Shipping Zones: setting up shipping zones as per requirements given by you within the possibilities of the store software.
  • Setting Up Taxation: Taxation rules are defined so that the taxes are computed correctly once the customer is authenticated.
  • Configuring the Modules: Configuring all the Add On Modules which are deployed on default store as per your plan bought.
  • Setup of Payment Gateway: PaypalPro integration and live testing.
  • Order Lifecycle testing: Test Mail flow based on the Order Lifecycle phases.
  • Product/Category Management Training: We setup 25 products. You can setup the rest and while doing so if there are any queries we will help on the same.
  • Setting up Related Products: Setting up related products for any given product. This is part of cross selling feature which is available in every store.
  • Setting up "Featured" Product: on per category basis (as applicable). This would be based on the 25 products data that we add as part of assignment.
  • Final Testing: Once store is ready to be taken live, final testing with customer signup, order, order execution, payment processing.
Your Scope Of Work Involves Following
  • Provide Company Logo: Since LOGO design is not included in OUR SCOPE Of work, Logo in specified dimension (would depend on design of template selected by you) Sending us logo in specified format.
  • Provide Category/Subcategory Data: Provide Category/Subcategory structure, Category name, category description and category icon image in soft copy.
  • 25 Product data: Complete data of 25 products in soft copy including Product Category, image, Detailed images, product name and SKU, product details write-up, product dimensions (if applicable), product weight (if applicable), product options (if any) including price modifier (if any), wholesale rates based on quantity (if applicable).
  • Documentation on Other Pages: Soft copy data for shipping policy, about us, privacy policy, refunds policy and any other page that you would need on site which are basically like static page on a site.
  • Details on Taxation Rules: Taxation rules to define and configure taxation rules for automated computation of taxes on checkout.
  • Details of Shipping rules: The would again be needed in soft copy.
  • Any other data: Any other data requested by us with respect to completion of project will have to be provided in soft copy.

Following is not included in our scope of work

  • Logo Design
  • Any Custom Module Development.
  • Change of design once design skin has been finalized.
  • Setting up more than 25 products. If more than 25 products will have to be setup by us then additional charges apply.
  • Any installation of Add On Optional module if not already ordered while ordering in the beginning.
  • Changes to skin of store Admin Section.
  • Any FLASH animation related work. All design is pure html/css only.
  • Any scripting work including js which could be required if there are some inter-related data loading on Product detailed page.

Project Execution time 6 weeks from date of commercially clear order subject to following:

  • All data is provided with delay no more than 1 day from the day requested. Advance planning may well be done based on "Your Scope Of  Work" section as detailed above.
  • All replies to queries and email communication from us is responded to within a maximum of 24 hours.

(Download Documentation)