This section lists commonly asked questions with respect to service, features and site in general. Support related details and Help documentation are available under different section of this site under "Support"
  • Where is the store hosted ?
    All hosting is on network of Servers owned and controlled by Scorpio Informatics. We are not resellers of space so highest level of security is ensured. SIPL (Scorpio Informatics Pvt Ltd ), who own and operate this service in addition to all other service, are not resellers but owns all servers and infrastructure fully managed by in-house staff and nothing is Outsourced.
  • Where are servers located?
    All server infrastructure is collocated at New Jersey USA.
  • Can I host elsewhere?
    No We do not service any clients anywhere in the world who are hosted with some other company. This is because other server we would not have root access and many support, debugging action and upgrade / patching that we have to do needs root access. Moreover we would not want to involve extraneous factors so as to ensure there are no disputes over software vs host problems. We do not cater to clients hosted on third party servers as we have no control over third party servers.
  • I want a payment gateway integration which is not listed in your offer. Can you do that?
    Yes provided the gateway provides php API. All such custom work is done as one time PAID work. So contact us for quotes. Coding, Integration, Testing and final implementation would take around 6 weeks provided there are no delays on communication from your end.
  • Can I order optional add on modules at any time by paying the listed costs? How long does it take to be visible in my store?
    Optional Add on modules can be ordered at any stage. The module becomes visible in your admin with 8 hrs of we receiving the payments in our account. If such optional add ons also require template changes then there will be additional charges for doing the same.
  • What about security upgrades, software upgrade/patching?
    This service has core kernel files separated out and is shared by all stores. This is a cost saving feature as far as your administrative costs with respect to security patches/ upgrades are concerned. We apply patch/feature to core kernel and the same affects all stores being run on the kernel.
  • Are there any limits on number of products and categories?
    No Limit On Category and Subcategory. However, with respect to number of product there is a limit based on the plan that you opt for. For details Refer Plans Section.
  • Can I operate multiple stores by taking one account?
    No. Installation is done on domain and not sub domain or domain paths. If you need to operate multiple stores you would need multiple accounts and domains. The quotes are based on single URL/Domain for storefront. However if you are a repeat client we can offer you some discount on additional shops that you may need.
  • What is the guaranty that you would not increase the hosting price?
    Unless there is abrupt increase internationally, we are confident there would be no increase. In 8 years of our operations, we have not increased the prices even once. Only thing that can be a variable price would be the costs for SSL certificates as they are entirely beyond anyone's pricing control. Other than that, hosting charges would remain pretty much stable.
  • Do I get a secured URL or a shared Secured URL?
    You get your own SSL certificate, your own SSL URL. No shared ssl/url. It looks cheap to a buyer who views it negatively when he finds that the site runs on a shared ssl ( yahoo store for example). It looks good on yahoo where all unprofessional stores operate. Not on your store. Your store is your identity on web and so no URL’s are shared. It’s all yours on your domain.
  • Can you provide higher SSL Certificates?
    Yes at additional costs. All SSL certificates are yearly renewable and all SSL Certificates are sourced from THAWTE.COM only.
  • I need support on my site as I cannot do certain things myself. Do you provide that?
    Best option for getting the store live would be "Turnkey" option where we complete all work in around 6 weeks time from date of ordering provided there are no delays in compliance to providing all requested details from time to time as we deploy your store, integrate design and other things. As for Post deployment support please refer Support Section and see which plan would suit you.
  • Can I add more categories and subcategories later as my business grows and I start dealing in more items?
    Yes you can. There’s no limit on category/subcategory/nesting. Number of Items are limited by the Plan (Refer Plans Section ) that you are in.
  • What if my site needs more resources (space/bandwidth/higher limit for number of items)?
    Upgrade your plan to next higher hosting plan. If we do not have a plan that meets your requirement we will design a plan only for you and let you know the costs involved. Contact Us whenever you need the same.
  • What about promotion on search engine?
    The software already has a built in module for pushing your cart live to The static HTML pages generator generates html pages and not pages by script and search engines like the static looking html pages. So this is already built in.
  • What if I mess up my store?
    Will you provide support for fixing? Yes only as PAID support. Please refer Support Section for details.
  • Is the store software based on some free open source software?
    No. We do not touch any free open source script for any critical sites. Ecommerce sites are very critical for any online business as it handles sensitive data. These free software's are just good for amateur sites and as sites becomes more demanding support on such software becomes too expensive to maintain or even are heavily limited by design.
  • What is uptime guaranty. Do you have any SLA?
    99.5% network uptime guaranty is provided against openly published SLA which also is common to all services of the company.
  • Do i get ftp access?
    FTP has become one of sources from where sites get compromised because of the fact that there are many instances where client machines are compromised. So once the site is live, all FTP access is blocked as a security measure. However, if FTP access is needed on interim basis to do mass upload of anything relevant to site, we open up FTP access for 24 hours on request over ticket. This is a part of our initiatives to ensure that sites are secure and do not get compromised through FTP.
  • What if my store has reached a stage where it needs dedicated server?
    We provide fully managed dedicated server so we will migrate your store to dedicated server taken though us and the server would be fully managed 24X7 by us on proactive basis. So you have everything under one roof and you can peacefully concentrate on running your business rather than worry about migration server management etc. It will be a LSWS +cPanel server as LSWS is more secure and less resource intensive as compared to Apache.
  • What if i need a plan that is not listed under Plans page?
    We will design a custom plan specifically based on your requirements. So please Contact Us with your requirements and we shall take it up from there.
  • I need some custom module as the features that i need added are not available in the standard modules or any of Add On Modules that are there by default. How much would it costs and what would be time needed?
    The software is based on Modular Design so it is possible that a custom module can be done and integrated. However, to be able to quote we need to have detailed discussion on the same. So please Contact Us with your requirements of the custom module needed and we shall take it up from there.

If you have a query which needs to be addressed specifically as the same is not covered above, please Contact Us with your questions.